The Fish & Chip Tour 2019 – Moore’s Fish & Chip Shop, Castle Douglas

By lee medd

Everyone knows about Moore’s, the multi award winning chippy in Castle Douglas – so it was no surprise that it made it on to the list for this tour.

Producer Gary and I have been plenty of times in the past but we’d never actually had the Fish Supper usually opting for their rather tasty Scampi Supper, how would the Fish & Chips do?


It was nice to have an option of either cod or haddock for the fish of choice – I opted or the Haddock while Gary plumped for the Cod. The fish came in an option of large or regular and coming at the end of a busy day we opted for the large. I think they may have been having an off day when we arrived as the fish was not large in our view being padded out by the batter (more on that later) and the fish was how should we put it a little oily. I had hoped for a tasty rich fish but both suffered from this oily fate.


This is an interesting one as the batter was firm and crispy enough to carry the weight of the fish if eating by hand but it was just too dry, and there were too many bites that turned out to be just batter. It was a beautiful golden colour however.


These were as impressive as always, good colour and texture. A good chunky chip – however there just wasn’t enough of them for a LARGE fish, certainly not enough to satisfy Producer Gary’s ‘Roar-some’ appetite.


These came in a pot on their own, and could be served up in either a small, medium or large portion. You’ve gathered by now that I love my mushy peas, but something wasn’t right on the night. These peas were somewhat flat, lacking in pea like colour, consistency and taste. They were a little watery for my liking.


Can’t fault them here, the meal came in a thick cardboard box with segments in for different parts of your meal, it kept the meal nice and hot as it made the journey from the shop to the local park where we sat down to eat.

Customer Service:

The shop was really busy and the ordering process was quick and easy, there was good chat with the server and there was a nice welcoming atmosphere in the shop.

Value For Money:

We paid £17.90 for two fish suppers, two bottles of juice and one portion of mushy peas.

Overall Experience:

As I mentioned at the start, I’ve been to Moore’s many times and really enjoyed it – however on this visit it wasn’t up to it’s usual standards. The oily fish, the small chip portion and watery peas just wasn’t what I was expecting from somewhere with such a BIG reputation.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll be back, but I’ll stick with my Scampi in the future.

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