The Fish & Chip Tour 2019 – The Chip Shop, Dalbeattie

By lee medd

When Producer Gary and I decided to ask where in our amazing region does the best fish & chips we were expecting a few familiar venues to be suggested, in addition to a few that had not been on our radar before and when we counted the comments there were just that.

We decided to take a post show visit to one of these new places as stop 2 on the tour.

The Chip Shop, Dalbeattie was somewhere I’d heard of but never visited – to the untrained eye you might actually walk straight passed it.

Unassuming with a simple sign tucked away in a side street, as soon as you step through the door you are instantly welcomed.

Manager Fiona, greeted Gary and I with a huge smile and friendly chat, as she took our order and got to work cooking our meal fresh to order.

Gary and I decided to take advantage of the seating options, the Chip Shop provides 3 tables as well as a ‘breakfast bar’ seating option which was great.

As the food was being freshly cooked another couple came in, holiday makers it turns out and again Fiona had the chat with them asking how they were enjoying their break and what they’d been up to.


The fish was amazing, a great size portion and a gorgeous white, a chunky fish that impressed on first sight and delivered.


OMG – this is one of the best batters I have ever tasted! A great consistency and a rich golden colour. Perfectly even in the frying, no soggy bits – in fact this batter was firm enough to hold the weight of the fish without falling to bits when eating the fish by hand. I was really impressed by this Fish & Batter.


There was a good serving of chips in this portion, they were crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. Hot from the first bite to the last one left the box.


It’s all good so far, but how would the Mushy peas do?

Well they came in their own pot and looked and tasted like peas should. Unlike some peas that I have tasted in the past these were a rich green, with a proper texture – I like peas, not ectoplasm as some places serve. These were some of the best peas I have tasted, I’d be amazed if these were not home made. DELICIOUS


I’ve mentioned in the past how I am not a fan of the small styrofoam trays, no such worries here as we were served up our food in a chunky fish & chip box, the chips first as a base layer with the fish lovingly presented on top. We used the plastic fork, but were also asked if we wanted use of a metal set instead because we were eating in.

Customer Service:

I cannot sing the praises of the staff enough, especially the Manager Fiona, chatty, welcoming, nothing was a problem. Gary was really impressed by her so much so he told me “She must really love her job, she’s ROAR-some at Customer Service”.

I’d have to agree regardless of this tour she deserves a BIG Thumbs Up for her Customer Service.


It was a warm, welcoming place and had a steady flow of customers as we were tucking in at 8pm on a Saturday night. And even though it was steady you never felt in the way, you were just at your table eating away on some tasty food.

Value For Money:

Producer Gary and I paid £16 for two generous portions of fish and chips, a bottle of Diet Coke, bottle of Oasis and a portion of Mushy Peas.

Overall Experience:

The Chip Shop, Dalbeattie was a true hidden gem.

The food is gorgeous, there is a wide range of options on the menu and you can either sit in or take away. The staff are friendly, welcoming and helpful, the portions are big and the prices are sound. It has a great reputation as was demonstrated by the steady flow of customers.

We’ll be back again and if you have not been before, I’d encourage you to go and taste what is in without doubt one of the finest chippy’s in the region.

I wish we’d discovered it sooner.

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