• The Fish & Chip Tour 2019 – The Palmerston Cafe

    The Palmerston Cafe is one of the most popular places to get your Fish & Chips in Dumfries, it’s famous for not only the range of delicious food they serve but the award winning homemade ice-cream. How would it rate on the judges scorecards? Fish: Really nice and really tasty! The menu presents 2 options

  • The Fish & Chip Tour 2019 – The Chip Shop, Dalbeattie

    When Producer Gary and I decided to ask where in our amazing region does the best fish & chips we were expecting a few familiar venues to be suggested, in addition to a few that had not been on our radar before and when we counted the comments there were just that. We decided to

  • The Fish & Chip Tour 2019

    So a couple of weeks ago on the radio, I asked a simple question where in Dumfries & Galloway serves the best Fish & Chips? At that point my phone, social media and e-mail inboxes started to go crazy! Everyone has an opinion, everyone thinks that they go to THE best chippy in the region.