• Iconic Stars Get Social Make Over

    These hilarious pictures show what iconic stars of yesteryear would have looked like – if their fame had peaked in the age of social media. Famous faces including Marilyn Monroe, Joan Collins and Kate Moss have been reimagined adorned with puppy-dog ears, comedy specs and love hearts. Even Tom Cruise has had the treatment, with

  • Gassy Cows Add To Global Gases

    Burping and farting cows make the production of butter three-and-a-half times as damaging to the environment as plant-based spreads, according to a new study. An estimated 12 million loaves of bread are sold in the UK each day – and Brits want something to spread on their butty or toast. With food production a significant

  • Join in the world’s first mass online HYPNOSIS session.

    Tonight (Fri) at 8pm experts will provide a hypnotherapy service to help people relax after one of the most difficult weeks in living memory. Devised by wellness guru Kim Palmer, the session will be available via Clementine’s Instagram channel @clementineappuk. The programme, led by cognitive hypnotherapist Hazel Gale, aims to alleviate the stress and worry

  • Halfords is offering all NHS frontline workers free 10 point car checks

    Halfords is offering all NHS frontline workers free 10 point car checks during the Coronavirus pandemic. The check, available from today (Fri), includes top-ups of tyre inflation, screen wash and checks on oil levels, headlights and brake lights, to help keep vital NHS workers moving at this critical time. A survey of more than 1,000

  • All Ego Ethan Page on Medd in the Morning

    This weekend is a busy one for the stars of IMPACT Wrestling. Saturday morning at 1am, you can watch the latest LIVE TWITCH event OUTBREAK, where The North are part of a HUGE 3 way tag match taking on the Rascalz and the Mack & Pack Connection. While on Sunday at 1am, the IMPACT stars

  • JAMESIE BURNS & THE BICYCLE THIEVES – Launches on Burns Birthday!

    Jamesie Burns and the Bicycle Thieves is a new children’s book adventure written by Ian Barr, Illustrated by Pete Bell and Published by Hoggett Creative. Local children’s character Jamesie Burns is poised to reappear, sixteen years after his last escapades, in a new heart-stopping adventure. Jamesie Burns and the Bicycle Thieves is a feature length

  • Would You Break Up Over Bathroom Behaviour?

    Seven in 10 British couples are engaging in ‘bathroom wars’ – arguing about the state the room is left in. A study of 2,000 adults found men are left incensed by their partner not clearing their hair out of the plug hole – and women are horrified by the mess or the ghastly smell left