The Fish & Chip Tour 2019 – JJ’s Fish & Chips, Southerness

Gary and Lee at JJ's
By lee medd

It was a busy Sunday afternoon when Producer Gary and I stopped off in Southerness for our first stop on the Fish & Chip Tour 2019.

JJ’s is a place we are pretty familiar with as we pop there a few times a year, on a good sunny day it’s always queued out the door and today was no different – which is always a good sign.

Even though it was busy, there was a good 20 people in front of us – we were served our freshly cooked to order food within 5 minutes.

How did JJ’s fair on our scorecard?

Producer Gary gets the Scorecard Ready


The fish was a pretty decent size, tasty and melted in our mouth.


A golden batter, which was of a great texture. It held together really well meaning I could pick the fish up and eat it with my hand without worrying about it falling apart.


These were a pleasing golden brown, with a crunchy outer and fluffy potato inner. They were a good length and thickness too. A worthy accompaniment to the fish.

Mushy Peas:

These pot served peas were a bit of a let down to be honest, bland in both colour and taste.

We are set to tuck in


The food was served up in a styrofoam tray wrapped in paper, while well presented I don’t think there was any need for the tray, given today’s recycling and environmental push – a simple serving in the paper would have been great. Another downside for the tray was potential for food sweating.

Customer Service:

The team were friendly, polite, efficient and worked like a well oiled machine as they worked their way through the constant queue while we were in.

Value For Money:

Producer Gary and I paid £16 for two fish suppers, two 500mls bottles of pop and one portion of mushy peas.

Overall Experience:

JJ’s was busy had a nice atmosphere, clean and well presented and the food was good and freshly made. Producer Gary and I made use of the indoor seating.

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