What Do You Want For Christmas?

By lee medd

Brits wanting to make a lasting impression when giving someone a gift should steer clear of large chains.

A study of 2,000 adults found 65 per cent would rather receive something with a personal touch than an item widely available on the high street.

And rather than a pricey, yet generic present one in four would prefer to be given something ‘heartfelt’ and ‘personalised’.

Even gift cards, considered to be the ‘choose your own adventure’ of gift-giving, came second-fiddle to something with a more personal touch, with just eight per cent saying they would opt for a voucher over a more thoughtful present.

Silvia Lussana, from Vistaprint.co.uk, which commissioned the research, said: “More than ever we’re finding people regard the holiday season as a way to reconnect with loved ones at the end of a hectic year.

“People can make these connections more meaningful, by turning their magical memories and the year’s best moments with friends and family into gifts to treasure.”

The study also found 71 per cent would be much more likely to remember a thoughtful gift over something more generic and shop-bought.

Another 65 per cent also said they would tell others about the gift if it was more personal.

An intimate or special present will also stand the test of time, with six in 10 keeping these for an average of a year longer than those bought from large chains.

And a third will keep it forever.

But it’s not just receiving a personal gift that people enjoy – it’s also giving.

Sixty-five per cent of those polled get more satisfaction from giving someone a personalised gift than something generic.

More than half enjoy handing over a keepsake while 49 per cent like that it is a gift that will be remembered.

Being able to celebrate a particular moment (44 per cent) and the gift being unique (44 per cent) are also among the reasons people like to give a personal present.

But 57 per cent of those polled, via OnePoll, feel hampered by budget restrictions when it comes to buying more thoughtful gifts for a loved one.

Silvia Lussana added: “We see a large spike in photo gift orders beginning in early November and lasting through to mid-December.

“We’re proud to help alleviate the concerns some holiday shoppers have when it comes to creating the perfect customised gift on a budget.

“Vistaprint makes it easier for busy holiday shoppers to create beautiful, affordable personalised photo gifts that will delight everyone on their list long after the holidays are over.”

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