Could you be Britain’s next top hand model?

By lee medd

It sounds like something out of THAT episode of Friends, you know the one where they end up in Vegas and Joey finds his identical hand twin…

A trio of top models let their fingers do the walking in a fashion show with a difference…

Professional hand models Julia Holden, Cherelle Claudia and Sarah Skjoldevik strutted their stuff on a miniature catwalk complete with lighting rigs and a tiny crowd of fashionistas.

All the models nailed it – despite one of them experiencing a Naomi Campbell-style runway tumble before regaining her balance and continuing like a true diva.

In celebration of the hand catwalk, watch brand Seksy is searching for Britain’s next top hand model who will get paid to test the new Seksy Edge collection.

The lucky applicant will get to try all seven eye-catching designs in the collection and model them with their favourite outfits, reporting back on wear-ability, style and versatility – and they will even get to keep them.

Helen Carnall, from Seksy, said: “If you’ve got a passion for fashion, love a manicure, and you think you might have what it takes to be a top hand model, then we want to hear from you.”

Seksy’s pint-sized procession came after a poll of 2,000 UK women revealed how much they value watches as fashion accessories.

More than a quarter consider their watch one of their most important accessories, while three in 10 believe it can make their hands look prettier.

And 40 per cent said they felt “lost” without a time piece with one in 10 admitting to changing their watch every year.

Helen added: “We’re renowned for our standout designs and bold styles, so what better way to showcase the most fashionable wrist wear this season than by launching the world’s first high-fashion runway catwalk, featuring all hand models.

“It was the perfect way to showcase our new collection and we’re pleased to have had the chance to work with some of the UK’s leading hand models and our catwalk model maker, Steve Day who helped bring it all to life.”

Steve Day, who spent 40 hours painstakingly creating the 1:12 scale catwalk, said: “I’ve never created anything like this before.

“There were so many things to consider; the lighting, allowing enough height for the model’s hands to sashay along the catwalk, the backdrop.

“It was great to see everything come together and how everyone related to and interacted with the mini hand catwalk.”

To apply for the role, aspiring hand models need to visit the Seksy website at before Tuesday 17 December and upload an image of their hand. T&C’s apply.

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