Lee speaks with Stacey Jackson

By lee medd

Lee had the chance to speak with singer, songwriter, performer, entrepreneur, fitness guru – Stacey Jackson. The voice behind our Single of the Week ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’

Stacey Jackson has forged a successful career in the music scene, having had chart- hitting hits in the UK since 2010, and her music being adored in the UK club scene and in fitness studios around the country. Alongside her singing career, Stacey is fast becoming one of London’s leading ladies in not only her music, but as a fashion icon, designer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, actress, fitness idol and philanthropist.


Her unabated enthusiasm in all that she sets her mind to has set the stage for her connection with her adoring audiences & peers. Stacey works tirelessly creating positivity through her music, fitness and lifestyle. Stacey Jackson has always embraced diversity and challenge in her life, which is a testament to her successful businesses, including her new range of technical fitness apparel, StaeFit.


Fitness and healthy living has always been part of Stacey’s life; as a trained fitness instructor, Stacey is focussed on combining her qualifications, her music and her love for fitness to set the stage to help people get moving and lead healthier lifestyles. Her instant rapport with people is forging her career to become one of the leading health and fitness voices and motivators in the country.


Hear the interview by clicking here


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