We’ve gone bonkers for Bread!

By lee medd

Bread-loving Brits bite into more than 63 billion slices every year, according to research.

That equates to the average person including bread in nine meals per week – or enjoying 900 slices each year.

A huge 92 per cent of people depend on the humble sandwich up to seven times a week, while a trusty round of toast is the go-to breakfast for 87 per cent.

And as summer approaches and picnics in the park become ever present, average sandwich consumption is expected to grow by almost 40 per cent.

But despite Brits being bonkers for bread, the research of 2,000 adults found 60 per cent wish the food item was healthier and had more nutritional benefits.

The study was commissioned by gut wellness bakery brand, Genius, to mark the launch of its new Gut Lovin’ range.

Kizzy Beckett, from Genius, said: “We know that the last year has made people more aware of their health.

“Many consumers are on the lookout for simple swaps that help them feel great, full of energy and give them the confidence they are doing something really positive for their overall wellbeing.”

The study also found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, Covid has had an impact on how Brits shop and eat, with 27 per cent becoming more conscious of the foods they eat.

And two thirds (61 per cent) have been actively seeking out easy, healthy swaps when doing their weekly shop.

When it comes to consumption across the UK, those in Scotland eat bread a whopping 16 times per week and rely on toast for breakfast more than anywhere else in the nation.

London dwellers are most likely to pack their picnic baskets full of sarnies this summer, predicting their sandwich consumption will increase by 54 per cent over the next few months.

The new range from www.geniusfood.com has active cultures to promote good gut health – which can boost immunity, improve mood and help the body absorb more nutrients.

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