Loo-break breather

By lee medd

The makers of wellness app Clementine have created a hypnotherapy session designed for people to take – while they’re on the TOILET.

The calming session, named “Loo-break breather” lasts five minutes and 18 seconds, and is the brainchild of Clementine founder Kim Palmer.

Kim hit the headlines in March when her team of hypnotherapists held the world’s first mass online hypnosis session to help Brits de-stress after the first week of lockdown.

This new session comes as the nation heads towards its fifth week under lockdown, and has been released to help those who may be feeling the strain.

Entrepreneur Kim had the brainwave of the ‘Hypno-loo’ session last weekend when she found the only quiet place she could have a break was whilst in the bathroom for a few minutes.

She explains: “Juggling a busy work life, on top of trying to teach the kids, as well as lots of check-ins with loved ones through FaceTime, can be exhausting. I noticed the only break I was getting to myself was when ‘nature called’.”

“Trying to find extra time to relax during the lockdown can be a stress in itself. Getting motivated to do a 6am yoga session in the lounge or a midday step-class in the hallway is great, but I wanted to take advantage of a time that doesn’t involve adding even more to our busy schedules.”

Hypnosis sessions guide the listener into a meditative place, similar to daydreaming.

The aim is to engage the brain into being receptive to new ideas by tapping into the subconscious mind, helping listeners to tackle everyday niggles as well as big stresses in our lives.

Neuroscientists believe that hypnosis is a quick and easy way to make changes to your thought processes, as it’s when the mind is most durable and adaptable to change.

Kim explains: “Clementine is an app that helps you just kick back for a moment before life starts up again and you need to be all things to all people.”

Visit clementineapp.co.uk for more.

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