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“For me, representing Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest is not only the greatest honour of all, but also a chance to reach all of Europe with my music”, ZOË explains.

Zoe Straub’s talent for music and love of chanson run in her family: the 19-year old Viennese artist is the daughter of Papermoon’s founder Christof Straub. Zoe has been active as a singer and songwriter since 2013, her songs being the product of musical cooperation with her father. Alongside music, Zoe is also a TV personality and actress.

Zoe is a European with her heart and soul. The blend of European cultures, languages and regional musical traditions is meant to obliterate borderlines and stimulate the European idea. Her earliest memory of the Song Contest: “I guess I was some five years old and my parents were watching the Song Contest in their bedroom. I should have been fast asleep, but I eavesdropped at the door.



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