• What Are The Questions British Kids Want Answered

    The existence of the Loch Ness monster, ghosts and aliens are the real mysteries the nation’s children would love to have answered. A poll of 1,000 primary school-aged children revealed ghosts are the number one curiosity, with 32 per cent of youngsters wanting to know whether they exist. Three in 10 want an answer on

  • AXStv Shows Air in the UK for the First Time

    Hit AXS TV programmes Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar, Tom Green Live and The Top Ten Revealed are coming to the UK for the first time as channel owner Anthem Sports and Entertainment looks to expand its footprint outside the US following the recent purchase of the popular US network. The shows

  • Brits go on holiday to the same place FIVE times

    Britain is stuck in a holidaying rut – going to the same destinations year-on-year. A poll of 2,000 adults, who take trips away, found nearly nine in 10 have returned to a location they’d already visited. On average, Brits have packed up and headed to the same holiday spot five times. But a tenth have

  • December 19th will be the Worst Weather of the Year

    Brits will typically experience the worst weather of the year on December 19th, according to 30 years of weather data. With the shortest day of the year falling just days later, experts have revealed December 19th is most likely to see the coldest, wettest or windiest weather of the year. But July 21st is most

  • Gents – What Type of Christmas Shopper are You?

    Modern men take pride in being skilled Christmas shoppers – compared to their parents who believed present buying was a ‘woman’s job’. A poll of 2,000 men found that in the 1970s, Christmas shopping was largely a female job, with 73 per cent of husbands leaving the task solely to their wives. Generations later, men’s

  • Over A Month of Your Life Lost to Packaging

    Here’s a great reason to use gift bags this Christmas. We’ll spend the equivalent of 43 days of their lifetime – struggling to open troublesome packaging. A study of 2,000 UK adults found they spend 19 minutes a week trying to get into tricky packaging which is secured with too much tape, cable ties or

  • When Will the Family Get Annoying this Christmas?

    Brits will start to find their relatives annoying by 2.13pm on Boxing Day. After all the excitement of Christmas Day – the presents, the food and time spent with loved ones – the mood will start to sour the following day as families begin to grate on one another. Individuals wanting to escape their family

  • Is that a panto on a train? Oh no it isn’t. Oh yes it is! Travellers were surprised when they were invited to enjoy an impromptu pantomime performance on a train between London Paddington and Heathrow Airport. Rather than treading the boards, Prince Charming could be seen riding the rails and running the aisles of

  • The perfect chip has finally been unveiled

    The ‘perfect chip’ should be precisely 7cm long and 1.2cm wide – and straight cut. For maximum ap-PEEL, a chip should also be crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. While skinny, curly and crimped might seem all the rage, a classic straight cut served piping hot is still the chip of choice,

  • Could you be Britain’s next top hand model?

    It sounds like something out of THAT episode of Friends, you know the one where they end up in Vegas and Joey finds his identical hand twin… A trio of top models let their fingers do the walking in a fashion show with a difference… Professional hand models Julia Holden, Cherelle Claudia and Sarah Skjoldevik