• Meddisms: Lockdown Guest Kathleen Cronie

    The guests keep coming as on this Meddisms, Mrs Medd is so thrilled to be joined by the enigmatic, charismatic storyteller, writer and queen of the paranormal, Kathleen Cronie of Mostly Ghostly Tours as this week’s Lockdown Special Guest that she got a hat specially for the occasion. Kathleen will be talking about what she’s been up

  • Scarily Good Times Ahead -Walks on the Dark Side – the inaugural Festival of Folklore programme is launched

    A darker side of Scotland’s history and heritage will be explored at the new Festival of Folklore in south-west Scotland. It’s been organised by friends of the show THE award winning storytellers, Mostly Ghostly, and community volunteers, the three-day Festival programme includes: a ghost story experience set within an underground lead mine Equinox folklore explained